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Asia Cup Cricket: Evolution, History, Formats, and Outcomes

The Asia Cup Cricket tournament, which features both One Day International (ODI) and Twenty20 International (T20I) cricket matches, holds a special place in the world of cricket. Started in 1983, this event brings together teams from across Asia. Taking place every two years, it switches between ODI and T20I formats, making each edition exciting and distinct. With a focus on unity and rivalry, the Asia Cup Cricket has become a beloved event for cricket fans everywhere. Asia Cup 2023 is around the corner. Check out Asia Cup 2023 Schedule.

Asia Cup Cricket History:


The first-ever Asia Cup Cricket happened in 1984 in Sharjah, UAE, marking the tournament’s beginning. In 1986, India didn’t participate due to issues with Sri Lanka. Likewise, Pakistan didn’t join in 1990-91 due to problems with India, and the 1993 event got cancelled for the same reason. However, from 2009 onwards, the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) decided to hold the tournament every two years. It’s important to know that all matches in the Asia Cup have official ODI status, showing how important they are in cricket.

Asia Cup Cricket Format:

In the Asia Cup Cricket Format, changes were made in 2015. The International Cricket Council (ICC) planned that from 2016 onwards, the Asia Cup would switch between One Day International (ODI) games and Twenty20 International (T20I) matches every two years. They first played with the T20I format in 2016 to prepare for the 2016 ICC World Twenty20. This rotation between ODI and T20I formats still continues today.


Asia Cup Cricket Champions: A Glance at Winning Teams

India boasts 7 victories, Sri Lanka holds 6 titles, and Pakistan has won twice in the Asia Cup’s history.

  • India: 7 times
  • Sri Lanka: 6 times
  • Pakistan: 2 times

 Here is the Complete list of Asia Cup Champions:

Year Format Host Nation Number of teams Winner Runner-up
1984 ODI United Arab Emirates 3 India Sri Lanka
1986 ODI Sri Lanka 3 Sri Lanka Pakistan
1988 ODI Bangladesh 4 India Sri Lanka
1990/91 ODI India 3 India Sri Lanka
1995 ODI United Arab Emirates 4 India Sri Lanka
1997 ODI Sri Lanka 4 Sri Lanka India
2000 ODI Bangladesh 4 Pakistan Sri Lanka
2004 ODI Sri Lanka 6 Sri Lanka India
2008 ODI Pakistan 6 Sri Lanka India
2010 ODI Sri Lanka 4 India Sri Lanka
2012 ODI Bangladesh 4 Pakistan Bangladesh
2014 ODI Bangladesh 5 Sri Lanka Pakistan
2016 T20I Bangladesh 5 India Bangladesh
2018 ODI United Arab Emirates 6 India Bangladesh
2022 T20I United Arab Emirates 6 Sri Lanka Pakistan

As we conclude this journey through the Asia Cup Cricket’s rich history, we witness India’s 7 victories, Sri Lanka’s 6 wins, and Pakistan’s 2 triumphs. From these epic battles, cricket fans unite. Keep up with all things cricket on CricketWit, your source for the latest updates and more. don’t miss Pakistan’s World Cup 2023 schedule in our article “Pakistan Cricket Schedule For World Cup 2023” for more thrilling cricket action. Let the cricket excitement begin! Also Checkout:

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